We Can Work to Stop Hunger

We Can Work to Stop Hunger

Hunger in Romania is linked to poverty, with 13.8 percent of the population living in absolute poverty. This is an improvement, however, as the poverty rate was 35.9 percent in 2000. Through this project we aim to help families social cases by offering basic food packages on the occasion of Easter and Christmas. The beneficiaries of these packages are in part families enrolled in one of the projects of the Christiana Association (Christian Christian Philanthropic Medical Association – Cluj branch), families of people in the records of the Mental Health Laboratory for adults and children, families of people in detention and other families social cases.

Poverty disproportionately affects single people, single-parent families, families with three or more children, and single people over 65. Roma populations are affected the most, with 58 percent living in poverty. The aim of the project is to provide basic food packages for families, social cases, during Easter and Christmas, respectively counselling and guidance.

Project activities:

  • Offering food packages, 300 Easter / Christmas packages;
  • Individual counselling activities (where applicable);
  • Social guidance activities.

Hunger in Romania has an impact on children’s physical development. The beneficiaries of this project are especially families with social cases who cannot provide for their food on the occasion of the Easter and Christmas holidays. The project started 12 years ago, and has an annual value of over 30,000 LEI. So far, the Rotary Club Cetatuie has donated food worth 360,000 LEI with an impact for over 3000 families from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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